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• 3/18/2015

Spreadsheet for checking recruitment chances

Hi everyone.

So I was getting annoyed at my poor attempts of getting more lisbeths and constantly getting into the 20-30% range so ended up making a spreadsheet to work out my chances of recruiting a commander.  The link is here , just save a copy and use away.

This sheet is based on a cumulative chance to capture a unit, so the chance to capture a unit and youve worked from 0% up to 3% is calculated based on the chance to capture at 1% + 2% + 3%.

The sheet has 3 boxes where to enter values, a 1% recruitment increment rate that starts at 1% for second and subsequent capture cycles, a 1% recruitment increment rate with a starting percentage of 5% based on the first capture cycle of a unit and finally a 5% recruitment increment rate with a starting percentage of 5% for the second and subsequent capture cycles.

Any feedback or criticism is welcome.

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• 3/18/2015

Posting here just so I get feedback as it logged me out when I was posting this.

Also please take these percentages with a pinch of salt, at the end of the day its still only a chance to capture and you are still subject to individual rolls of the dice.

Since I can't edit the original post, here is the editiable version so people can enter the values in should they wish not to use the table below for some crazy reason

• 3/18/2015 <- It's almost the same

and your spreadsheet is read only, so nobody can enter some numbers ^^

• 3/18/2015

Ah missed that one.  Would have updated the link in the orignal but since it had logged me out I can only update it in my second post.  

• 3/20/2015

Man, terrible luck if you really did get to 30% more than once-- you should go buy a lottery ticket ;) 20% is not crazy given the odds though. Across the board I'm sure you were in the 12-15% range according to stats.

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