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• 3/21/2015

Absolving 4/4


I recently got my last Lisbeth 4* and now have 4/4 of her. I am debating wether to keep her like that or to absolve her for her soul. If I absolve her she will lose some stats even if I give her back her soul, right? On the other hand, I can give her soul to whover needs it, which gives abit more flexibility. Anyone have some experience as to what is the most effective?

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• 3/21/2015

I have the same lisbeth, I'm not into absolving her because as 50/50 is one of the strongest ranged in my unit list, and If I absolve her I'll lose some wis stats on her Faerie fire skill :/ so in my case I'll keep her 4/4 until some other ranged unit comes around or when I can breach the 4* wall and start getting some 5*s.

The Lisbet 3* soul is already too good for wis units and 80 atk/80 def. 

• 3/22/2015

Yea, think I'll hold off absolving her for now as well. Thanks for the input

• 3/22/2015
yeh for sure guys I didn't absolve her either. the soul is not bad very rounded.
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