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• 4/28/2015

Best Arena Battles

What are the best teams that you have faced?  Screenshots are always appreciated.

Here's one where i lost the coin flip, and then the match - should have kept Moloch out of the first round:

IMG 0428
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• 4/30/2015

it would be cool to have better tracking of who we fight, or maybe a social hub with the option of having duels. also the ability to inspect each others line up, but not the entire inventory, gotta keep some mystery ;) 

I know some of the fights I've had were so close, and so fun, I wish I could have chatted about them afterwards with my opponent, even if just to say "good job man!"

I'm just tired of the truth being, whoever has their skills up at the start wins 80% of the time, there's not even an ounce of fairness to that.

also what's the secret to the coin flip? why do I always lose? I have never won it, I swear ><

• 5/1/2015

I am not seeing how you are losing the coin flip, i think you are just not paying attention to it.

I agree on the minor chat system thing too, there have been tims i wanted to do that. but if you caught their name you might find them here or official forum and post on their wall or send a PM. ;)

having skills ready are only 50% of the battle, if you don't know how to use them or stall until you are charged, you can still lose. I have won plenty of battle on defense and not all my skills charged.  The new system allows plenty of chances to capitolize on not having skills ready.

• 5/1/2015

Posting some more sick teams that I've run into over the past couple days - kudos to those who had them!

IMG 0430

IMG 0432
• 5/1/2015

This last one was a match I was especially proud of - I had lost the coin flip but still pulled it out.  "Silence" skill was the difference-maker:

IMG 0434
• 5/3/2015

Anything interesting in the Arena Event?  I'm having trouble getting above 25 wins in a row - twice I've had the disconnect = auto-forfeit, and the other two times I lost :p

For those competitive in Blood League III:

Given the streak multiplier, for sheer points amount I've found it's better to wait for three energy bars so that you can re-charge all skills. 

After the re-charge, I can typically get at least 2 wins, at around 1500 points each - as opposed to only 300-500 points per win without the full win streak multuplier.  Repeat this each hour, and you can generate around 40k points per day.

If you want to aim for the top 20, you are probably talking also using around 10 sigils per day in addition to natural regeneration.

• 5/4/2015

Thanks for the info bud, will help. Highest WS i have gotten so far is about 10.

• 5/4/2015

Couple more things I noted in BLIII, in terms of playing on defense (i.e., losing the coin flip):

1) 85% of teams have the 5* Odin - half of those will lead with him.  Need a moloch/Camille or other strong archer, equipped with 5 good HP souls to survive and counter in 2A or 2B slot if you lose the coin flip.  (Now is a good time to absolve Buzz multiple times!)  If you can take out one of the attacker's fams and keep one alive on the defense side, I consider that a win for round one on defense.

2) If you survive the 1A skill, having someone with a silence attack to insert into the 2B slot can win matches.  People will oftentimes put their clean-up fam in the 1B slot and not save anything for 1C.  In this respect, you can come out equal, or even ahead, on defense.

3) About half the teams have Chikagoro, and will many times lead with it.  Having a good AOE wisdom attacker (or Jondo) is key to counterpunching in the first round enough to have a chance to win it in the second.

Sorry if any of these are too obvious...

• 5/6/2015

Here's some other pictures from recent matches against good teams, some won, some lost.  The highest streak I've gotten was 43 during the event, and below is a picture of that streak at 40.

IMG 0435

IMG 0439

IMG 0441

IMG 0443

IMG 0445

IMG 0446
• 5/7/2015

hmmmmm.. only started running the event today, but its better to recharge your skills with a normal match in Blood League II and then come back to Blood League III. It doesnt kill your streak in BL III and saves you energy bars in the long run,

• 5/7/2015

Also, those with a 5* odin and an Aurea, if you're on offense coinflip, you have more chances if you go with Aurea first, can wipe a 5* moloch and/or 5* ariel.

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