Amethyst Pact Banner

Amethyst Pacts are purchased with Amethyst Gems. These pacts contain an exclusive set of commanders only available to players who have obtained Amethyst Gems by completing a daily achievement, event EP rewards, conquering levels in the Tower of Blood, or purchasing them in special bundles. This pact is updated weekly and below is only a partial list of what is available in the pact.

Current Commanders

Ariel, Lord of Air

Ariel, Lord of Air Small

Aso, The Asura

Aso, The Asura Small

Corbash, Thornscale

Corbash, Thornscale Small

Delphyne, Coilspear Wyrm

Delphyne, Coilspear Wyrm Small

Diadran, Wyrm Lord

Diadran, Wyrm Lord Small

Fei Lan, Lost Kingdom's Heir

Fei Lan, Lost Kingdom's Heir Small

Fenrir, Chained Torment

Fenrir, Chained Torment Small

Pain, The Reborn

Pain, The Reborn Small

Pontifex, Aether's Torch

Pontifex, Aether's Torch Small

Sir Brynt, Protector of Faith

Sir Brynt, Protector of Faith Small

Spades, Exiled Mother

Spades, Exiled Mother Small

Tervish, Unflinching Shield

Tervish, Unflinching Shield Small

The Grigori, Mindmerged

The Grigori, Mindmerged Small

Trebane, Risen Warrior

Trebane, Risen Warrior Small

Valas, Triumvir's Hand

Valas, Triumvir's Hand Small

Yarikawa, Citadel Aspirant

Yarikawa, Citadel Aspirant Small

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