Emerald Pact Banner

Emerald Pacts allow players to spend Emerald Gems for a chance to obtain previous event reward Epic+ commanders. These pacts contain an exclusive set of commanders only available to players who have obtained Emerald Gems by completing a daily achievement or obtaining them through event EP rewards. This pact is updated weekly.

Current Commanders

Dishi, the Iron One

Dishi, the Iron One Small

Grok'shul, Boar Charger

Grok'shul, Boar Charger Small

Jurgen, Steelfeather

Jurgen, Steelfeather Small

Rasha'ven, of Keen Ears

Rasha'ven, of Keen Ears Small

Ravak, Land Slinger

Ravak, Land Slinger Small

Silverbane, Spirit Rider

Silverbane, Spirit Rider Small

Umbras, Dusk of Flame

Umbras, Dusk of Flame Small

Urams, Spike Wielder

Urams, Spike Wielder Small

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