"Message": "Hint 001: Visit the Pact screen to recruit more Commanders."
    "Message": "Hint 002: You can recruit 3 free Commanders per day from the Pact screen."
    "Message": "Hint 003: Revisit completed missions to capture and recruit new Commanders."
    "Message": "Hint 004: Higher rarity Commanders will research masteries faster."
    "Message": "Hint 005: Place two units next to an enemy when you attack to perform a cooperation attack."
    "Message": "Hint 006: Get the first strike in battle by moving onto the enemy."
    "Message": "Hint 007: Ascend Commanders by obtaining duplicates."
    "Message": "Hint 008: Unlock more masteries by progressing in the story."
    "Message": "Hint 009: Unlock more masteries by ranking up in the Arena."
    "Message": "Hint 010: Your skill charge persists after an Arena battle."
    "Message": "Hint 011: Spend your gold on training Commanders to level them up."
    "Message": "Hint 012: The Arena is unlocked after completing Chapter 1."
    "Message": "Hint 013: Recruiting a certain commander gets easier every time you do it."
    "Message": "Hint 014: Evolve Commanders to obtain souls."
    "Message": "Hint 015: Some missions allow you to bring up to 3 squads."
    "Message": "Hint 016: You can remove Commanders from a battlefield by tapping on them."
    "Message": "Hint 017: Your Commanders will glow on the battlefield when their skill is ready."
    "Message": "Hint 018: The first striker switches every turn in the Arena."
    "Message": "Hint 019: Check your inbox if you are missing a reward."
    "Message": "Hint 020: You can fast forward story dialogue by holding the fast forward button."
    "Message": "Hint 021: Gear can be won during events or found in special Pacts."
    "Message": "Hint 022: Commander skills can be improved by leveling up."
    "Message": "Hint 023: Souls can be fused to Commanders, permanently boosting their stats."
    "Message": "Hint 024: Fusing Souls to all Commander slots grants Heroic status, reducing their Skill Charge timer by 1."
    "Message": "Hint 025: Max level Commander duplicates will grant you a powerful Soul."
    "Message": "Hint 026: The best Souls are obtained by Absolving max level Commanders!"
    "Message": "Hint 027: Bonus Objectives grant special rewards.  Check the stage details screen!"
    "Message": "Hint 028: Over 600 achievements are available, each with a unique reward!"
    "Message": "Hint 029: Every stage has a race synergy bonus, boosting stats of all matching Commanders."
    "Message": "Hint 030: All stages have multiple difficulties, with increased rewards.  Select a difficulty on the stage menu."
"Message": "Hint 031: When training a Commander, hold the Train button to quickly increase their level!"

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