Snok Snok, Goblin Tunneler
Snok Snok, Goblin Tunneler Image
Affinity Race
Max Level 30
Rarity 2-2 Star
Skill Cleaving Strike
Deal very light damage to all enemies.
Skill Source ATK ATKskill
Charge 4
Base 198 122 94 82
Max 0/3 637 394 304 266
Max 3/3 752 465 359 314
Max 80 000 000 000 000
Soul 75 65 37 19


"Strike once, strike twice, a third, a fourth, how deep the pick does bite. We did, we dig, in dark and gloom, from morning unto night." --Goblin Mining Chantey


  • Pact
  • Evolution
  • Where have you obtained Snok Snok, Goblin Tunneler?

Evolution Line

  1. Snok Snok, Goblin Digger
  2. Snok Snok, Goblin Tunneler

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